Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Blackpool Transport order more Enviros

At today's Coach and Bus Show Blackpool Transport confirmed and order for 15 more Enviro 200s and 4 more 400s taking its fleet to 107 from the manufacturer. 59 are Double Deck E400s, 26 long and 22 short E200s.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

More disposals

DAF 360 has rejoined 361/3 at Ashcroft's, replacing burnt out 357. The last DAF to leave was 356 which was towed to Barnsley for scrap today. Volvo B7RLE 524 has passed to David Odgen Travel, St. Helens. 

243, 286/9 are also with Go Southern Coach with DAFs 365/7

Tuesday, 10 September 2019


Tridents 305-309 and DAFs 368-72 have passed on mass to Coach Travel Solutions in Blackburn. They left on 30th August and are regularly seen on school services in Blackpool colours.

365/7 have emerged with Go Southern Coach of Newbury. Thanks to Steve Foster for the report - a pic of 367 is on his Flickr site.

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Summer Update

A bit of a catch up after a summer break. 

BTS Enviros
The new BTS Enviros settled into service with the longer ones mainly on the 6 and 7 on weekdays and the 6 and 17 on Sundays. The 18 and 19 are normally operated now by the shorter examples alongside the 3 and 4, plus the 2/2C on Sundays.

Also not previously reported, Plaxton Centro bodied Volvo B7RLE 532 has been out of service since it was involved in an RTA earlier this year. It is not known if it is to be repaired.

Former BTS Buses
Recent disposals in the news for contrasting reasons are DAFs 357 and 364. Sadly 357 was destroyed in a fire at Ashcroft's Runcorn depot. 364 has moved from Midland Bus Hire to Cumbria Classic Coaches so the provide a compliant bus on the local service work. It is pictured here. DAF 371, still at Rigby Road, is now carrying a new registration PE02GYZ, its 'cherished' plate is now on a car.

Reading Buses purchased Newbury and District earlier this year, including their six ex Blackpool Solos. These have reverted to their original registrations and are numbered 175-180. 

Two Routemasters, 523 and 525 have been sold to Ensignbus from Tower Transit, having been stored since the end of Heritage Routemaster service 9 in 2014. 523 has since been sold to Dualway in Dublin.

A much earlier disposal, PD3 398 of 1965, has been sighted recently still in Wettern, Belgium, as on this picture of 3 April 2019. It has been there since 1983 along with a handful of other British buses.

Former City Sightseeing Olympian 844 (D244FYM) has been sold for scrap to Partons by Alpine, Llandudno. In recent years it has been a ticket office.

Route Notes
Norcross roundabout is undergoing a major redesign with intial work done overnight, but the first of a series of closures starts on 1st September. The junction south to Carelton will be closed for 7 weeks, with the 14 diverted via Amounderness Way, Breck Road, Poulton and Tithebarn Street to Castle Gardens in both directions. The school 12 will follow the same route to Poulton then onto Baines School. A shuttle bus is to be provided in Carelton. Catch 22 bus 24 will also be diverted.

Illumination timetables will be in place on Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays throughout the lights (31st August to 2 November), plus throughout the October 1/2 term period (20 Oct to 2 Nov). The 5, 6 and 7 are split in the Town Centre during the evenings; the southern routes, plus the 11 and 17 will terminate at New Bonny Street, the northern routes at Talbot Road (Wikinsons).  The 3 and 4 will also be diverted in Bispham in the evenings. During the day the 3, 4, 9 and 11 will run at a lower frequency on Saturdays to allow extra running time (the 3 and 4 every 30 mins, the 9 every 15 and 11 every 20).

Catch 22 Bus
Has ex Cardiff Dart CE02UUP in service in green/blue livery, sister CE02UUZ has also joined the fleet.

Coastal Coaches
Solo YJ65ETL has been wrapped in an all-over advert for BP Insurance. YJ68FYR (Miss Elvi) is a recent addition, acquired in January 2019, second hand YJ62FVT (Master Xander) and YJ62FXK (Master Bobby) are now both in service alongside the 5 2015 examples YJ65ETE/F/K/L/O. 

Preston Bus
The Blackpool outstation closed earlier this year following the loss of several LCC school contracts and the 76/77 minibus services.

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Disposals and a repaint

For the first time this year a Blackpool Trident has been repainted in black and yellow with 315 treated in July after removal of its Pleasure Beach advert. 

DAFs 365, 367 and Solos 243, 286 and 289 have been sold to a new operator in the South of England, 365/7 left yesterday.

The last of the first batch of Tridents 305-9 were withdrawn in July and Auguat. 305 last ran on 24th July, 306 1st Aug, 307 2nd Aug, 308 8th Aug and 309 26th July. This leaves 20 Tridents in use (310-7, 319, 322-32). 

A larger update is planned for the weekend, spare time permitting catching up on various things over the last few weeks.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

New BTS Buses

Brand new 571 on display at St John's Square (Mike Wilson)
Blackpool Transport launched its 15 new buses on Monday 24th June, with new long Enviro 200 571, Short 217 and one of the most recent double deckers, 450, on display in St John's Square. The first of the new buses entered service the day before 563 and 569 were noted on the 17, 562, 568 and 571 were on the 6. 218 to 220 were first noticed on Monday all on the 3 and 4. 561, 562, 566 and 568 were noted on the 7 on Monday with 564, 565, 567 and 570 on the 6. The intention is for all 7 workings on the 6 and 4 on the 7 to use the new long Enviros.

The 15 new buses have replaced 12 buses directly (13 if 301 is counted too) with DAFs 367 and 372 and Volvos 520-4 withdrawn after use on 22nd June. This follows 368-370 withdrawn on 30 May, 371 on 13 June. Trident 302 is also due for withdrawal, but appears to still be in use.

Short 217 on display at St John's Square (Mike Wilson)

New Enviro 219 at Tesco on the 3 and 4 (Mike Wilson)

Penultimate day for 520 on the 7 on Friday (Mike Wilson) 
565 on the 6 at Corporation Street (Mike Wilson)

Citaro 555 put in an appearance on the 6 on Monday (Mike Wilson)

The new buses feature a special Blackpool scene at the back of the bus (Mike Wilson)

Interior features include a phone holder and both wired and wireless charging

Back of the buses (Mike Wilson)

Cutting the ribbon (Mike Wilson)

Thursday, 30 May 2019

BTS fleet update

The final new Enviro 200 has arrived with 564 completing the deliveries today. They are due in service on 23rd June with a launch event the following day.  The long buses are for the 6 cascading double deckers to ensure the 7 is to Palladium spec. The short examples seem likely to work the 18 and 19.

Some withdrawals have already taken place. DAFs 368, 369 and 370 were taken out of service today. The other DAFs (367/71/2), Trident 302 and Volvos 520-4 are also earmarked for withdrawal. 

Monday, 27 May 2019

Summer Services

Blackpool Transport are starting their summer timetables on 23 June. 

The most surprising change is the extension of the 7 to Clifton Hospital! This presumably addresses feedback from the breaking of the link across St. Anne's in November. It does mean that with the 17 there are six buses per hour now from St. Anne's south. It may well have been more logical to reinstate the route to Lytham at the expense of the 17. The 7 turns via St Paul's Avenue, Promenade and King Edward Avenue.

The 2C diversion via Wyre Health Centre in Knott End is discontinued, but a Sunday daytime service to Knott End is started.

The 1 becomes every 20 minutes on Monday to Friday, 7 every 15 and 14 every ten minutes. Minor changes to the 6 and 11 are included, while the 18 is retimed. 

Saturday, 11 May 2019

New ADL 200s

561, YX19OPA is the first of 11 new 43 seat Enviro 200s to arrive, it was first noted on Tuesday. Four shorter examples are also due. We understand numbers and registrations are:

  • 217 YX19OOU
  • 218 YX19OOV
  • 219 YX19OOW
  • 220 YX19OOY
  • 561 YX19OPA
  • 562 YX19OPB
  • 563 YX19OPC
  • 564 YX19OPD
  • 565 YX19OPE
  • 566 YX19OPF
  • 567 YX19OPG
  • 568 YX19OPH
  • 569 YX19OPJ
  • 570 YX19OPK
  • 571 YX19OPL
It is expected that these will mostly replace Volvos 520-533 and possibly some Trident or DAF DDs.

Recently withdrawn 301 left last Saturday heading to join 340 with One Agency Media as an advertising bus. 

A local MP has recently announced that Blackpool Transport will be extending service 2C to Knott End on a Sunday on an hourly basis from 23 June. The 1, 3, 6, 11, 14 and 18 are also changing on the same date. Some recent minor changes not previously picked up comprise:
  • 2C a duplicate journey Monday to Friday at 0725 Blackpool to Knott End, five minutes behind the 0720 trip on school days.
  • 3 during March a DD worked an extra trip c0750 Mereside to Blackpool and Fylde College - but this appears to have ceased again.

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

April News

Blackpool Transport is expected to start delivery of new Alexander Dennis Enviro 200s soon and it seems to be 12 full length and 3 short examples. 

Withdrawn Solos 240, 241, 244-6 left today to join sisters 242, 247 and 248 with CT4N Nottingham. Trident 301 was withdrawn on 12th April and is believed to be joining former 340 as a static promotional bus. Trident 329 has received an updated advert for Heart FM.

Seasonal service 20 has resumed from 6th April running weekends and school holidays until November.

Catch 22 has resumed Beach Bus 26 daily from 16 March. Double deckers seem the usual allocation with Y401NHK common.

Former Fylde Atlantean 67, latterly Blackpool 467 and new as GMPTE 7673 (ONF673R) has left its home of 19 years, Pilot Boat in Anglesey having passed to a preservationist for spares. Following removal of its engine it is shortly to be dismantled.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

News Update

Blackpool Promenade reopened at Talbot Square on 1 March after an extended closure with BTS service 1 and Catch 22 Bus service 21 reverting to their regular routes, the 1 running through to Starr Gate once more.

Services 5, 6 and 7 returned to using Market Street, ending the diversion via Coronation St. Northbound buses continue to stop at Clifton St (5/7) and Corporation St (6). 

On Sunday 3rd, the 3 and 4 will revert to using Dickson Road (stop at Funny Girls) rather than serving Queen Street, and the 9 and 14 will move to a new terminus at Corporation Street - both used Clifton Street prior to the tram works starting.

It appears the, 2, 2C, 18 and 19 will be continuing to use St John's Square to access Abingdon St rather than the lengthier run via Topping St, Deansgate, Cookson St, Talbot Road and Clifton St that they used prior to the tram works starting.

Roadworks in Bispham ended on 22nd February allowing the 3, 9 and school service 12 to revert to normal. 

Demonstrator and BTS Fleet
Blackpool Transport has been using a hybrid Mercedes Citaro demonstrator on service 5 during the last two weeks of February. Registered BF68ZHB photos can be found on Alan Robson's blog.

It is understood Trident 340 was sold for use for promotional work in January. Former BTS 362 has now been broken up after suffering accident damage on its way to Dekkabus last year. Enviro 400 439 now has a full rear advert for 'Big Little Moments' for Blackpool Better Start.

Beach Bus is Back
Sunday 16th March sees Catch 22 restart 'Beach Bus' service 26 from Marton Mere to Blackpool. The service runs 0930 to 1730 daily until 3 November with extended hours until 2130 from Marton Mere Tuesdays-Saturdays in July/August and the last two weeks of October, plus Sautrdays in Sept/October and the Saturday/Sunday of Easter Weekend.

Former BTS Trident 353 (E20BTS) has recently joined the Sightseeing Buses fleet affiliated to Catch 22 Bus for open top conversion. This was recently with The Busman, Holmes Chapel. Busman has acquired former BTS Excel 225 from preservation and repainted it in a black and yellow livery in the layout used by Reading Buses on its Excels. It is a regular on rail replacement in the North West.

Coastal Coaches
Coastal has commenced its new tendered services 76, 77 and 77A taken over from Preston Bus. It needs 4 Solos for this, the reduced 78 now needs 2, so it has expanded its Solo fleet from 5 to 7 with the purchase of YJ62FVT and YJ62FXK which were new to Quality Line in London to dual door layout. Both are now single door and in Coastal livery.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Coastal Changes

Coastal Coaches Solo "Miss Lucy" leaves Lytham Square for St. Annes on service 78 - 2nd January 2019 (Brian Turner)

Coastal Coaches has recently been awarded contracts for services 76 (Lytham to Blackpool), 77 (Preston to Blackpool) and 77A (Preston to Myrescough). These are presently provided by Preston Bus on behalf of Lancashire County Council. Preston bus recently surrendered the contracts and Coastal have won the resulting tender. Four buses are required and the routes transfer on 18th February. On the same date their commercial 78 is reduced from half hourly to hourly.

At the same time Preston Bus will change the 75, again this has been retendered but this time they have retained the contract. Instead of linking to service 29 in Preston, it will now link to a new service 15 from Preston to Longsands. In Fleetwood the 75 will no longer service the Windward Avenue housing estate but will run via Denham Way and Copse Road instead.

Blackpool Transport made two minor service changes on 27th January. The 7 route in St. Annes has changed. Instead of turning via Beach Road, Promenade and St. Annes Road West it now serves the 17 stop on Clifton Drive South then turns via Links Road, South Promenade and St. Annes Road West. The 2C is revised to only serve the Over Wyre Health Centre during open hours, with buses running between 0750 and 1720 still using Pilling Avenue and Grasmere Road. At other times the service reverts to using Lancaster Road.

A significant diversion to the 3 and 9 commenced on 10th December. Neither can serve Bispham Village due to roadworks so run via Ashfield Road and Bristol Avenue (ironically the traditional pre 1992 route of the 9) to Moor Park Pool, with the 9 carrying on as normal and the 3 turning back to Bispham Library via Bispham Road.

Single Deckers in 2019?

The Enviro 200s seem likely to be joined by three more this year. They are now reaching Lytham, mainly on Sundays when they work the recently extended service 17. Here 227 approaches Lytham Square from Saltcotes on 30th December (Brian Turner)

Back in September 2017 I reported on the Blackpool Transport fleet plan which involved replacing the remaining double deckers and minibuses with 72 new buses, comprising 18 midibuses and 54 double deckers. So far the first 20 double deckers has arrived as 436 to 455 followed by the 18 midibuses as 221-228 last year.

By 2020 the BTS fleet would have comprised 126 buses - 89 double deckers, the 18 midibuses, 10 Citaros and 9 refurbished Volvo B7RLEs. This was to cover the peak vehicle requirement of 107 buses and was a reduction from the then total of 132.

Since the further service reductions have taken place, with the 2018 summer PVR calculated as 97, which reduced to 88 in the November service changes for the winter period. Clearly 126 vehicles would now be too many and a batch of four double deckers planned for last spring was dropped. Recently a document was published as part of evidence to parliament's review into the health of the bus industry. This included a graph of BTS's planned fleet in 2019 which would comprise:
  • 15 new single deckers delivered in 2019
  • 3 more midibuses to be delivered in 2019
  • the 18 Enviro 200s of 2018
  • the 55 Enviro 400s of 2016/7
  • the 10 Citaros of 2015
  • 13 older double deckers - probably 319 and 322-332 and one more.
This makes 114 vehicles and removes the 9 2010 B7RLEs from the plan, as well as the older Wright bodied Volvos and Tridents.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Catching Up - Blackpool Transport

Driver Trainers
Trident 339 has now entered service as a trainer, numbered 975, after passing its MOT in early December. Solo 292 has been relicensed for use as a route learning bus.

Christmas Market Trips
Blackpool Transport has operated some excursions to Christmas Markets with 5 to Manchester, 2 to Skipton and 1 to Garstang markets. The Manchester trips have used Enviro 400s, while Enviro 200 238 was noted on the Skipton run on 2nd December.

Christmas Bus
The newest Enviro 400, 455, has been decorated for Christmas with rear end and lower side panel greetings. Sister 401 had an updated advert for Blackpool Better start applied during late October or early November.
455's offside decorations (Richard Hughes)

455's nearside decorations at Cleveleys (Richard Hughes) 
455's rear end decorations (Richard Hughes)

Boxing Day and New Years Day Services

The usual Boxing Day and New Years Day services are planned by Blackpool Transport. There are some changes to the established pattern reflecting route changes with 25 buses required

  • 1 Fleetwood Freeport to Blackpool Queen St every 30 minutes (4 buses)
  • 5 every 30 minutes (increased from hourly) (3 buses)
  • 6 every 30 minutes (4 buses)
  • 7 Cleveleys to St. Annes every 60 minutes (3 buses)
  • 9 every 30 minutes (3 buses)
  • 11 Blackpool to Lytham every 30 minutes (4 buses) - extended from St. Annes 
  • 14 every 30 mintues (4 buses)

Solo 276 has recently been privately preserved, ex Halton and has regained its original registration (V276HEC). It now lives at the Town and District Transport Trust premises near Accrington alongside Excel 225, Olympian 374 and Atlanteans 444 and 496.

Dekka Bus Update
November saw former Blackpool 354 receive its interior makeover as shown in the photos below. Its similar to 358 but with a different interior. It is due for repaint in January with 359 to be refurbished in the new year too. 354 will become F5ELF and 359 F5HDN. Accident damaged 362 is now a spares donor. Thanks again to Mark Self for sending updated.
354 new upper deck (Mark Self)
354 new lower deck (Mark Self)

The sad end for 362 the extent of its accident damage is clear here. It is now a spares donor (Mark Self)

Sunday, 4 November 2018


Catch 22 GX54DWO entered service on 1 November - the first of the four ex Stagecoach Midlands Darts to see service (Philip Higgs)
The first of Catch 22's new Darts has entered service, GX54DWO carries an advert for Hounds Hill Centre and made its debut on 1 November. The previous day a Versa failure saw open top Olympian P534EFL drafted into keep the 24 running! 

Perhaps the most unexpected working of the year, Northern Counties bodied Volvo Olympian P534EFL covered for a Versa on the 24 on 31 October (Philip Higgs)
Preston Bus are continuing to provide a variety of buses from its Blackpool outstation. Peter Turner has reported the following present on 21 October: Volvo B12B 11523/5, Mercedes 12000 and 14003, Ford Transits 15039/41, Optare Solos, 20769/73/86, 20831/75, Dennis Tridents 40005/9/12 and Volvo B9TL 40503.

Blackpool Transport continues to dispose of its surplus buses. 362 was collected by Dekkabus on 25 October with a new registration Y829YBV, but unfortunately was damaged in a multi vehicle collision on the M6 later that day. Dekkabus has since, collected 354 and 359 on 1st November. The final Manx Trident, 353, left on 3rd November collected by The Busman Ltd of Knutsford, set up by Adrian Morton former owner of Morton's Travel (where he bought Blackpool 225, 333 and 335) and today it was in use on rail replacement work! 

The era of ex Blackpool Solos at Halton has ended with the withdrawal of their 57 last month - it awaits disposal and has reverted to V272HEC. 

Service changes took place today as planned, however an expected closure of the Promenade at Talbot Square from 5 November has been put back to 12th November. The 3 and 4 are using Topping Street again to access Dickson Road from the 5th, while the 5, 6 and 7 are using temporary stops on the Promenade. Also from the 5th, the stops outside Wilko reopen and will be served by northbound 5, 6, 7, 9 and 14.

The town centre routes from 12th November are:
  • 1 terminates at Queen Street, terminates via Promenade, Pleasant Street, Dickson Road, Springfield Road, Abingdon St, Queen St and back via Dickson Road to Pleasant St
  • 2, 2C, 18 and 19 arrive via Church St, St Johns Square to Abingdon St then return via Talbot Road, Cookson St, George St, Grosvenor St Church St
  • 3 and 4 to Cleveleys from Church St via Topping St and Dickson Road
  • 3 and 4 to Mereside from Dickson St, via Pleasant St, Promenade, Springfield Road, Abingdon St (stop), Queen St, Dickson Road, Talbot Road, Cookson St, George St, Grosvenor St, Church St or Park Road
  • 5 to Halfway House and 7 to St. Annes from Talbot Road via Cookson St (stop outside council offices), George St, Grosvenor Street, Church St (stop), South King St, Adelaide St, Coronation St (stop), Reads Avenue, Central Drive
  • 5 to Hospital and 7 to Cleveleys from Promenade via Church St, Corporation St, Clifton St (stop), Abingdon St, Talbot Road (stop Wilko)
  • 6 to Mereside from Caunce St via Grosvenor Street, Church St (stop), South King St, Adelaide St, Coronation St (stop), Reads Avenue, Central Drive
  • 6 to Grange Park from Promenade via Church St, Corporation St (stop), Clifton St, St Johns Square, Caunce Street (stop)
  • 9 and 14 terminate at Queen Street turning via Talbot Road, Dickson Road, Springfield Road, Abingdon St to Queens Street then back via Dickson Road to Talbot Road (prior to 5th November these have used High Street/Springfield Road)
  • 11 and 17 terminate at Market St turning via Church St, Corporation St, West Street.
  • Catch 22 Service 21 to St. Annes via Promenade, Springfield Road, Abingdon St, Queen St, Dickson Road, Talbot Road, Cookson Street, Caunce St, Grosvenor St, Church St, South King St, Adelaide St, Coronation St, Reads Avenue, Central Drive, New Bonny St to Promenade
  • Catch 22 Service 21 to Cleveleys via Promenade, Church St, Corporation St, Clifton St, Abingdon St, Queen Street, Dickson Road