Saturday, 13 June 2009

Diversions extend to August

The diversions in the Town Centre affecting services past the Winter Gardens and associated route curtailments have been extended until 14 August. Initially planned to last until mid May and then extended to mid June a further two months is now scheduled.

Lines 2, 2C, 3, 4, 6 and 15 are on diversion in the town centre - with buses diverted via Cookson St and Talbot Road with the 2/3/4/15 turning via Market St/West St/Corporation St.

Other impacts:
  • Line 2/2C - North Station not served.
  • Line 3 - Tesco not served. Buses terminate at Mereside School terminating via Clifton Rd/Deepdale Rd/Langdale Rd loop.
  • Line 4 - Tesco not served. Buses terminate at Mereside Shops running from Stanley School via Preston Old Rd, Cherry Tree Rd North, Clifton Rd, Langdale Rd to Kentmere Drive. Returns via normal route.
  • Line 4A - Shuttle service Stanley School to Tesco via Line 4 route to Preston New Rdd then into Marton Mere Park (for untimed connections with 15) then as 15 route to Tesco. Every 20 mins 820-1540
  • Line 15 - Tesco not served - buses terminate at Marton Mere Leisure Park.
The loss of service to Tesco is particularly poor for such a long period. Although connections are available with Line 6 in Mereside and the 4A shuttle is running (though its not very convenient for passengers off the 15), this has lost the direct service from much of Marton. The additional running time required to negotiate the Town Centre diversion has caused the truncations, however it is not clear why this should apply in the evenings or on Sundays when the 3 has 13 minutes layover and the 4 11 minutes layover at their Mereside termini - ample to get to/from Tesco.