Monday, 24 August 2009

Service Change Update

Timetables for the service changes from 7 September have now been published. These reveal changes to the frequency of Line 2 (down 10 to 15 daytimes and 20 to 30 evenings) and the withdrawal of the evening 15 on the section between Gynn Square and Town Centre. Full details are:

2/C now runs every 30 mins Knott End-Poulton then every 15 to South Pier and every 30 to Wesham - this is formed of 2 Poulton-Wesham and 2C Knott End to South Pier.
Evening services are 2C Knott End - South Pier every 30 mins, Sunday services see the 2C run hourly with a 2 every hour Poulton to South Pier. Running times are revised with the morning peak runs from Knott End losing their additional running time between Shard Lane and Poulton. The Poulton-Blackpool section is reduced from 28 to 23 minutes and from 28 to 18 in the opposite direction! South Pier to Wesham is increased from 61 to 66. Unusually the Sunday service has less running time than in the evening. Vehicle requirement drops from 20 to 14 in the day and to 6 in the evening and 5 on Sundays.

3 reverts to running Cleveleys Crescent to Tesco with only minor timing changes. 6 buses needed instead of 7
15 retains its PVR of 4 (3 early evening/Sunday, 2 late evening) minor retiming takes place, though extra is allocated from Bispham to Poulton to cater for the diversion via Kincraig Avenue and Faraday Way
16 runs with a PVR of 6 (ex 8) with four minutes shaved off the running times from Manchester Square to Farmers Arms thanks to the more direct route along Lytham Road.

The changes are expected to see all but the Line 10 and 15 Metroriders (513/5/7/8) withdrawn. 3 33 seat Solos are expected to move from the 3 and 16 to Line 2 releasing smaller 279/81/2 to pool fleet duties.

Other news is that 307 is now in paint following the completion and return to use of 306.