Monday, 21 December 2009

Blackpool in the Snow

The early hours of Monday saw a rare overnight snow fall that settled. Observations showed that traffic on the main roads was quite heavy due to cautious driving and the avoidance of rat running. This appeared to cause some delays to bus services, but Blackpool Transport appeared to cope very well. Indeed, in a barely precedented move, some people actually praised the operation on the notoriously negative Gazette readers comments section!

Further snow fell overnight and on Tuesday morning a more limited bus service was operating as shown on the BTS website at lunchtime:
Line 1 - in full
Line 2 - limited service Town Centre to Poulton with two buses
Line 5 - full service but not serving Lindale Gardens
Line 7 - full service but terminating at Lytham Square rather than Saltcotes Road
Line 11 - full service but using Clifton Drive between St. Annes and Lytham
Line 14 - full service but via Kilnhouse Lane/Headroomgate Road/St. Annes Road East between Queensway and St. Annes
Lines 3, 4, 6, 10, 15 and 16 were understood to be suspended.

By mid afternoon, Line 6 was in operation but avoiding Mereside and Grange Park Estates, terminating at Collegiate High School. Line 2 was running from Station Road to Poulton on a reduced headway

Meanwhile Trident 309 escaped all the fun as it is tucked up in the paint shop as the last of its batch to receive a full repaint.