Friday, 15 January 2010

February Service Changes

New timetables take effect on 1 February effecting all services except Lines 1 and 10. Some changes are quite minor, with most routes losing certain early morning journeys and generally running at half frequency with some later starts (6 from Mereside, 7 from Lytham). More significant changes are:

Line 2/2C:
Withdrawn from Longhouse Lane (end of LCC subsidy)
Two late evening journeys withdrawn (2223 and 2323 ex South Pier)

Line 6
Evening service reduced to every 30 minutes (3 buses) from 20 mins (5 buses). Sunday daytime service remains every 20 minutes

Line 7
Daytime service withdrawn between Lytham Square and Saltcotes Road reducing PVR from 11 to 10. Stagecoach 68 diverted via Saltcotes Road and Mythop Road as replacement. 2228, 2328 ex Cleveleys and 2113, 2213, 2313 withdrawn.

Line 11
Evening service revised to run every 30 mins Lytham to Cleveleys using five buses rather than 8 as presently and reducing the St. Annes to Bispham section from every 15 minutes.

Line 14
Subsidised evening service withdrawn between St. Annes and Blackpool leaving 30 minute Blackpool to Fleetwood service using 3 buses. Sunday daytime service unchanged.

Line 15
Early evening service between Bispham and Blackpool withdrawn. Now a standard one bus hourly Blackpool to Staining service from 1935 (weekdays), 1735 (Sundays)

Line 16
Withdrawn after 1756 departure from Cleveleys and 1725 departure from Town Centre. Saturdays reduced to hourly 0755-1655 ex Cleveleys. 0825-1625  ex Blackpool plus 1725 to Tesco. Sundays - early evening journeys withdrawn with same timetable as Saturday.

The changes release one daytime vehicle (Line 7) but also reduce the evening services on Line 6 from 5 to 3, on Line 11 from 8 to 5, on Line 14 from 6 to 3, on Line 15 from 3 to 1 and on Line 16 from 2 to 0- a total of 10 buses of which 3 finished around 2100.