Thursday, 27 May 2010

Fleet Update

Metrorider 518 has now returned to use on Line 10 and sister bus 515 has been reinstated to replace the failed 517 on Line 15. Optare Delta 103 is now withdrawn having suffered mechanical failure during the spring.

Tridents 340-342 remain under preparation, with 341 in the base coat for the experimental new livery; 342 in the depot awaiting repaint and 340 still in paint.

A substantial service change is expected to take place from July. Full details have not been released, but reports suggest Line 6 - a route hardly changed since deregulation - will be withdrawn with the 11 and 14 suggested as replacements for Grange Park and Mereside respectively. Further details to follow. This is expected to release further Optare Deltas for disposal.

The promotion of Blackpool Football Club to the Premier League was marked by a procession with an open top bus from Gynn to Waterloo Headland on 24 May. Olympian 857 took the limelight, carrying the victorious team, however sister bus 873 also put in an appearance as a static platform for filming.