Saturday, 27 August 2011

Double Deckers in the News

Trident 308 loads at Cleveleys Bus Station for Saltcotes Road on service 7 on Thursday

Dennis Tridents have made several appearances on route 7 recently as these photos show with route 11 being mainly single deck operated. Meanwhile Olympians have appeared across the network with 417 on the 20 on Tuesday while on Friday 378 was on the 17 and 371 on the 2C. Volvo Olympians 376/7 are still at Bus and Coach World, Blackburn alongside the first two of the eleven ex Isle of Man Tridents. Trident 339 has now returned to use in the new fleet livery.

Tuesday saw 417 operating on route 20 at Stanley Park and passes a very rare artifact in the shape of an Edward VIII Pillar Box - one of 161 built during his 326 day reign in 1936

Barlow Crescent is back in use for the 20 after a few days of disuse during Lancashire County Cricket Club's annual fixture at Blackpool Cricket Ground
East Lancs at Cleveleys. Trident 305 with East Lancs body passes the tramway Engineering Car built by the same manufacturer.

Friday saw Trident 315 put in an appearance on route 7