Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Trident 344 arrives; Solo and Excel repaints

Trident 344 has now arrived at Blackpool Transport and 343 has returned from Blackburn. 344 is confirmed as former Bus Vannin 50 but it has not yet received its new registration, though H2FBT is rumoured to be allocated to it.

A last look at Solo 257 in red on a diverted Line 5 working in 2009
 Meanwhile Solo 257 has entered the paint shop to become the latest of the 2003 Solos to receive the new fleet livery. Of the 12 buses 250-255 and 257 will be in the new livery, 258-260 retain Line 3 blue, 249 Line 2 green and 256 Line 5 red. 248 of 2008 is the only other Line 5 liveried Solo. Excel 226 has also been repainted.