Thursday, 19 July 2012

Golf Services

The oldest Olympian, 365, stands at Starr Gate with 405 behind

Route G01 starts at North Station, where 402 awaits custom

402 on Talbot Road

On leaving St Thomas Church buses turn via Derbe Road. Here 402 on the G01 leads 405 on the G02 onto St. Annes Promenade

405 on the G01 on Talbot Road on its way to North Station

410 arriving at North Station

410 swings back onto Clifton Drive South from Links Road - note the buses in the background at the terminus

417 at Starr Gate with a Cass of Wirral double decker heading onto Clifton Drive

Today 417 has operated on school route 916 in St. Annes (while 373 ran on the G01!)

In contrast to the aged Olympians Stagecoach have used brand new Enviros on their Park and Ride contract. Here 15819 and 15818 pass on the Yellow service. Older Tridents and Olympians have also seen use.

Less conventional is this part open top Trident normally operating in the Lake District

Tridents 333 and 334 saw use on a private contract from South Shore Cricket Club to the championship. 333 fights its way through the traffic with 370 behind