Friday 22 February 2013

Classic Bus Update

Classic Bus North West has continued to add vehicles to its fleet for the expanding "Catch 22 route" which gains an hourly Sunday service from 5 May. Three vehicles have left the fleet, Routemasters RML2290 and RML2734 which have been sold by their private owner to Ensignbus and Bristol VR 528 which has been sold to Crosville Motor Services in Weston-Super-Mare.

528's disposal brings new to Cardiff VR 360 back to the fleet after a year on loan to Crosville. Two Dennis Darts and two huge MCW Metrobus open toppers have also arrived recently. Dart 143 is already in service but the others are under preparation. The Metrobuses were new to China Motor Bus in 1988 and seat 102. They were imported for use as open toppers on Big Bus London's tours and have been out of use since 2009.  

Several LTT buses are planned to operate on the 22 on Saturday 25 May on a heritage running day.

Classic Bus North West Fleet
69F69SYEMCW MetrobusMCWChina Motor Bus ML81 11/88
143T143AUADennis DartAlexanderArmchair, Hounslow 5/99
145T145AUADennis DartAlexanderArmchair, Hounslow 5/99
162V162MVXDennis DartPlaxtonStagecoach East London 12/99
163V163MVXDennis DartPlaxtonStagecoach East London 12/99
269P269PSXVolvo OlympianAlexanderLothian Buses 269
324N324NHGVolvo OlympianAlexanderDublin Bus RA264
325N325NHGVolvo OlympianAlexanderDublin Bus RA272
326F326UJNMCW MetrobusMCWChina Motor Bus ML77 10/88
360WTG360TBristol VRAlexanderCardiff 360
502P502UFROptare MetroriderOptareBlackpool 502
512X512UATDennis DartPlaxtonLondon United DP512 11/2000
533X533UATDennis DartPlaxtonLondon United DP513 11/2000
652Y652NLODennis DartPlaxtonMetroline, London DLD182 6/2001
898R898XVMVolvo B10MAlexanderStagecoach Manchester
899R899XVMVolvo B10MAlexanderStagecoach Manchester
RML887202UXJAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine)
RM1568BNK324AAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalLondon Transport (Cummins Engine) 
All vehicles in fleet red except 143 (white, red front), 163 (Bispham High School advert), 269 (Pleasure Beach advert), 324 (Blackpool & Fylde College), 325 (green/cream, red front), 360 (yellow), 652 (Metroline livery), 69/326 (Big Bus Livery)