Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The missing DAF and Service Update

As previously noted the arrival of 372 completed the influx of 30 second hand buses from Isle of Man based Bus Vannin. This comprised a batch of 11 Tridents, a batch of 10 DAFs and 9 out of a second batch of 10. The final bus of that third batch, BV 80, followed its sisters to Bus and Coach World and has been refurbished as a demonstrator/sale vehicle for its converter as shown here. DAFs 368-372 remain in store pending deployment - unusual as the first arrived back in January.

Minor service changes have taken place recently. CBNW have extended weekday journeys on service 12 to the full route (Cleveleys-Pleasure Beach) rather than the interim terminus at the Tower. Their first open top Metrobus 69 (F69SYE) is due to enter service this month in a new all-over advert for the Pleasure Beach Wallace and Gromit themed ride. Olympian 269 has also been similarly wrapped to match.

From 9 June Cumfybus and Coastal Coaches tendered services 74-76 have been re-routed and now only serve Victoria Hospital on journeys to Blackpool - taking the direct route from Layton to Wades Farm on the way back. While saving time and improving reliability this makes for a lengthy journey home for anyone wishing to get back from the Hospital! Buses on these routes now terminate at Abingdon Street rather than North Station and the 74 has also reverted to an earlier route in Cleveleys following the completion of road works. Finally Blackpool Transport route 3 has been diverted via Anchorsholme Lane rather than Victoria Road West with effect from 3 June.