Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Round Up

Stagecoach has recently introduced a batch of new Alexander Dennis Enviro bodied Scania double deckers to the interworked 61 (Blackpool to Preston) and 59 (Preston to Blackburn). 9 have been allocated to Preston depot and several have received route branding.

BTS has introduced a new timetable on service 14 from Monday, while CBNW will extend their Seafront 12 to St. Annes from 22 July.

BTS Solo 273 has left Blackpool and is understood to have rejoined sisters 269/71/2 at Halton Transport.

Buses have reappeared in St John's Square which has been reopened due to congestion associated with Town Centre regeneration work at Talbot Guideway. Here is nearly new (well to Blackpool anyway) Trident 368 on the 20.
Newly outshopped in green and cream, training Delta 969 poses on the tram depot fan

The Resort Hopper Solos are getting around with examples noted on the 5 and 16 recently as bigger buses have seen use on the 20 to cope with heavy loads at busy times. The four all-over advert Tridents are now occasionally seen away from their regular haunt on route 1; three out of four managing to work on the 2/2C on the same day recently.