Sunday, 6 October 2013

Last Days of Blackpool's longest diversion

Sunday 6 October has seen buses on the 5, 11 and 68 return to their traditional route along Lytham Road over Skew Bridge after over 2 1/2 years diverted via Station Road, Bond Street and Watson Road. A few days earlier on 27 September Centro 526 makes a comparatively rare appearance on service 5 on Bond Street.

At the same location Optare Excel 223 heads through on what is thought to be an 11 working

More normal fare on route 5 is the Optare Solo. Here 260 turns from Station Road to Bond Street

Bond Street will still be served by route 16. Solo 295 is heading (eventually) for Poulton. The five Resort Hopper Solos are now regularly seeing service away from their intended route 20. Stagecoach Enviro 19038 provides the photographer's platform

Stagecoach Enviro 19041 is about to turn from Watson Road into Bond Street having crossed the South Fylde Line - the fortunately on a bridge still deemed safe for all vehicles.