Monday 17 November 2014

Oakwood Update

Former London United VA103 (W139EON) has entered service with Oakwood Travel on route 22. This 2000 built double decker was acquired via Ripley, dealer in March (David Umpleby)
Oakwood Travel has placed its Volvo B7TL double decker into service on route 22. Its second ex Stagecoach Alexander bodied Dart has also entered service (617). The open top Metrobuses have been withdrawn for the winter, joining two of the three Olympians (325 and 701) in store.

The Red Rocket Manchester express restarts with a single return trip weekends only from 22/23 November to 27/28 December leaving Blackpool Coach Station at 1030 and Manchester Chorlton Street at 1630.

Oakwood Fleet List November 2014
69F69SYEMCW MetrobusMCWPleasure Beach advertChina Motor Bus ML81 11/88
139W139EONVolvo B7TLAlexanderRed/GreyLondon United 3/00
143T143AUADennis DartAlexanderNew Catch 22Armchair, Hounslow 5/99
145T145AUADennis DartAlexanderRedArmchair, Hounslow 5/99
162V162MVXDennis DartPlaxtonRedStagecoach East London 12/99
163V163MVXDennis DartPlaxtonNew Catch 22Stagecoach East London 12/99
269P269PSXVolvo OlympianAlexanderPleasure Beach advertLothian Buses 269
325N325NHGVolvo OlympianAlexanderGazette advertDublin Bus RA272
326F326UJNMCW MetrobusMCWPleasure Beach advertChina Motor Bus ML77 10/88
356R356LERDennis DartAlexanderNew Catch 22Stagecoach new 10/97
512X512UATDennis DartPlaxtonNew Catch 22London United DP512 11/2000
533X533UATDennis DartPlaxtonRed/GreyLondon United DP513 11/2000
601W601CWXVolvo B6BLEWrightNew Catch 22Harrogate & District 6/2000
611W611CWXVolvo B6BLEWrightHarrogateHarrogate & District 6/2000
617X617JCSDennis DartAlexanderNew Catch 22Stagecoach 2/01
652Y652NLODennis DartPlaxtonRedMetroline, London DLD182 6/2001
701XAU701YLeyland OlympianECWPleasure Beach advertTrent 3/83
898R898XVMVolvo B10MAlexanderRedStagecoach Manchester
MAL41BD52LNUMercedes CitaroMercedesRedGo Ahead London
MAL53BL52ODKMercedes CitaroMercedesRedGo Ahead London
RM1583583CLTAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalRedLondon Transport 
RML887202UXJAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalRedLondon Transport 
69, 325, 326, 611, 701, MAL41 all currently stored