Sunday, 25 January 2015

News Round Up

Blackpool Transport Excel 215 was withdrawn on Monday 19th January, but sister 221 is expected now to return to service. Withdrawn Solos 281/2 have been sold to a private owner locally with one expected to be preserved. Sister 268 was scrapped on 20 January.

Solos 286 and 340 currently occupy the paint shop.

Catch 22 Bus has placed two more Darts into service. Both were new to Cardiff, T147DAX has had orange relief applied over the cream part of its former Cardiff livery green/cream livery as seen here on Alan Robson's flickr page while X186CTG retains the Cardiff orange and green livery which inspired the Catch 22 scheme.

As a result of the recent intake most of the buses inherited from Classic Bus North West have been returned off lease. This includes Olympians 269 and 325, Volvo B6BLEs 601/11, Mercedes Artics MAL41/53 and Darts 145, 162/3, 512/33 and 652.

This leaves five Darts (143, 147, 186, 356 and 617), Volvo B10M 898 and Volvo B7TL 103 for services 6 and 22 with RML887 as the spare bus.