Friday, 11 September 2015

Blackpool Buses Enthusiasts Handbook

Excuse the plug....

You wanted a Blackpool bus book - well here it is!

Traditionally painted in green and cream, not much had changed on the Blackpool bus scene since deregulation in 1986. A new era dawned in April 2001 with the introduction of the colourful branded Metro Coastlines network. This remained until a return to fleet livery was introduced by new MD Trevor Roberts and the new black and yellow colour scheme was applied across the fleet. As soon as this was finished, yet another MD arrived, Jane Cole, and soon new silver-liveried Mercedes Citaros were introduced and the whole network was revised once again.

This book - the first for many years solely based on the Blackpool bus network - shows how the routes around the town have evolved over the years into what we have today. Starting off with a history including many never before seen images, it looks at the fleet, type by type before an in-depth detailed review of each route today. Other operators are featured including Catch22 Bus, Stagecoach plus some of the smaller outfits such as Kirby Lonsdale Coach Hire. It's all in here!

•  80 pages
•  High-quality images
•  Written by life-long Fylde based enthusiast Paul Turner 
•  A5 size
•  Glossy paper
•  Perfect bound
•  Written By Paul Turner
•  Edited by David Umpleby
•  Price: £9.95 (including postage)
•  Released - October 2015