Sunday, 4 October 2015

Streetdeck Demonstrator

Last week Wrightbus Streetdeck demonstrator SL15ZGP entered service with Blackpool Transport on service 1 between Starr Gate and Fleetwood Freeport. The bus was first licensed in June and is on a tour of various operators in the UK. Wrightbus developed this Daimler powered integral double decker to partner its Streetlite integral model having previously provided bodies on other makers' chassis. Blackpool Transport operate five Wrightbus bodies on ex Anglian Volvos 520-524 but have never purchased new from this Northern Ireland manufacturer.

Pictures of the vehicle with Blackpool and others are on flickr, these show the unusual glazed staircase influenced by Wright's design for the New London Routemaster and included on recent demonstrators, however most orders have specified traditional paneled stairs - perhaps reflecting advertising commitments.

As usual with demonstrators - there is no certainty that it will lead to a fleet order - however with the newest double decker approaching ten years old investment will be required in the near future.