Sunday, 19 June 2016

Blackpool Transport News Update

Minor service changes are due from Sunday 10 July. The most significant affects route 9 with the Hospital extension replaced by a diversion at Crossley's Bridge via St. Walburgas Road to the Hospital then as present via Newton Drive to Town Centre. These journeys will show 9A and run every 30 minutes daytime and hourly evenings and Sundays.

Other minor changes include extra early morning journeys on 7, 11 and 14 and a minor retiming of the 2C. These include an 0455 Fleetwood to Mereside 14, an 0453 and 0538 Lytham to Grange Park 11 and 7s at 0514 and 0544 from Cleveleys

Fleetwise the fourth refurbished Centro, 530, returned on Tuesday and entered service on Saturday 18th June, sister 533 has gone away in its place. 331 is now in the paint shop losing its Tower Dungeon advert.

The new Enviro 400 City double deckers for the 9 and 9A are in progress at the manufacturers, with occasional progress pictures appearing on the BTS Facebook and Twitter pages. A few examples are here:

By contast, the final Atlantean 364 is nearing the completion of a repaint into its original livery ahead of a return to use as part of the heritage operation. Privaetly owned PD3 501 continues to make occasional uses alongside BTS Olympian 857 on private hires, especially for weddings.