Saturday, 3 September 2016

Timetable Changes

Saturday 3rd September sees changes to the timetable on services 9/9A adding an additional ten minutes running time each way and increasing the PVR from 9 to 11 - meaning there are now insufficient Enviros for the service! This reflects the delays caused by the first stage of replacing Crossley's Bridge. Presently this is reduced to one lane while 'services' are relocated prior to its demolition and replacement. This itself will require a major diversion to the 9/9A. 

Illuminations Saturday timetables are revised on most routes with the 1 also amended on Fridays

  • Service 1 on Fridays and Saturdays withdrawn after 1800 ex SG and 1730 ex Fwd. From 14 Oct last buses are 1640 north and 1550 south and this also applies daily from 28 Oct-5 November.
  • Services 3 and 4 - same frequency but extra running time all day
  • Service 5 - same frequency but extra running time in the evening
  • Service 7 - reduced to 20 minutes daytime, same frequency evening but extra running time all day
  • Services 9 and 9A - reduced to 15 minutes daytime, same frequency eveing but extra running time all day
  • Services 10 and 17 same frequency but extra running time
  • Service 11 - reduced to 20 minutes daytime, same frequency eveing but extra running time all day
  • Service 14 - reduced to 12 minutes daytime, same frequency evening but extra running time all day
Route diversions also apply on Friday and Saturday evenings from 1800 as follows:

  • 2C into Blackpool will run from Church Street through St Johns Square to terminate at Abingdon Street then run back to Knott End via normal route.
  • 3 and 4 northbound diverted in Bispham via Cavendish Road and Devonshire Road to Bispham Village, 4 then via Red Bank Road and Norcliffe Road. 
  • 3 and 4 Southbound diverted in Bispham (4 via Norcliffe Road, Red Bank Road to Bispham Village), both via Northgate, to Wabreck Drive. In town centre will turn left from Dickson Road into Talbot Road without serving Abingdon Street.
  • 5, 7, 14 and 17 from Central Drive then via Albert Road, Regent Road, Church Street, St Johns Square to Abingdon Street then onto Talbot Road. Southbound as normal to Talbot Road then via Dickson Road, Springfield Road, High Street, Talbot Road, George Street, Grosvenor Street, Park Road, Reads Avenue, Central Drive and as normal
  • 9/A as normal to Talbot Road, then High Street, Springfield Road, Dickson Road and Talbot Road to terminate outside Wilkinsons
  • 10 and 11 run via Tyldesley Road and Rigby Road to Central Drive then as 5/7/14/17 diversion. Southbound 11 takes the 5/7/14/17 diversion, but the 10 runs through St Johns Square, Abingdon St, Talbot Road, Cookson St, George St and as 11 - both using Rigby Road to reach Lytham Road
  • 15 and 16 will terminate in St Johns Square from Church St then returning via Abingdon St and as usual
  • The 20 will terminate on Albert Road outside Argos on Fri/sat from 14 October and daily from 28th.
Every day Stagecoach 68 will divert at Royal Oak via Waterloo Road, Central Drive, Albert Road, Cookson St to Talbot Road returning then back via Cookson St, Grosvenor Street, Park Road, Reads Avenue, Central Drive and Waterloo Road. The 61/68 will terminate at Talbot Road Fridays/Saturdays and Corporation St/Market Street as normal Sun to Thurs.

Also overlooked on this blog is the withdrawal of Excel 216 and Solo 277 on 5 August and 279 has also been retired. Excel 218 and Olympian 378 went for scrap during August.