Friday, 11 November 2016

More Enviros On their Way

406 on launch day (Mike Wilson)
Blackpool Transport's order for 25 more Enviro 400 City double deckers has now been confirmed. They will be similar to 401 to 410 but with 'social seating' layout. It is expected they will arrive in late spring and early summer. Route 14 will be fully converted. With Citaros on the 5, Enviros on the 9 and 14 and many workings on the 7 using refurbished Centros four routes will be Palladium branded - there will be some spare Enviros as the 14 won't need all 25 so perhaps these will cover double deck workings on the 7.

Excel 225 defied predictions in returned to use on Monday on the 11 and again on the 1 on Tuesday, and again on the 11s on Wednesday and Friday.