Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas Services

Local Christmas period bus services take their usual form. Blackpool Transport services finish early on Christmas and New Years Eve with most services finishing between 2030 and 2130. They provide the now customary limited service on Boxing Day and New Years Day c0900-1800 which has operated in various forms since at least 1993. This year's network comprises:
  • 1 Starr Gate to Fleetwood every 30 minutes 5 buses
  • 5 Victoria Hospital to Halfway House every hour 2 buses
  • 6 Corporation Street to Grange Park every 30 minutes 2 buses
  • 7 Cleveleys to Lytham Square every hour 3 buses
  • 9 Clifton Street to Cleveleys every 30 minutes 3 buses
  • 11 Market Street to St. Annes Square every 30 minutes 2 buses
  • 14 Mereside to Fleetwood every 30 minutes 7 buses
24 buses are needed this year, twice that of 1993.
Catch 22 Bus will be providing Promeande service 21 daily Boxing Day to New Years Day with a special timetable - though details are not yet available. The 22/23/24 are normal timetables except for Boxing Day and New Years Day when Sunday service runs on the 22 and 24. With the 24 now extended to Knott End, Over Wyre will see its first Boxing Day and New Years Day services for many years - probably since the late 1970s.

In other news Catch 22 Versa YJ61JHH entered service today on route 24 - the first of this trio to enter service. Their unique Blackpool liveried Routemaster, former Blackpool Transport 521 (583CLT) has been repainted in the run of the mill London Red as RM1583. It is expected to operate with other vintage buses on service 21 on New Year's Eve - the final day that step entrance buses can operate on local bus services.