Friday, 10 February 2017

Preston Bus Changes

Following Coastal Coaches cancellation of the Wesham to Poulton section of route 78 after service on 18 February, LCC have made some changes to Preston Bus's tendered services:

  • 74 revised to run Blackpool to Poulton only every hour.
  • 75 - rerouted in Fleetwood to serve Windward Avenue (the new housing estate on the Docklands using developer funding) but not via Tennyson Avenue or Marsh Road in Thorton 
  • New 75A every 2 hours to replace the 74 between Fleetwood and Poulton, following the same route as the 75 above, then via the 78 route through Great Eccleston, Elswick, and Kirkham then via the current 75 route to Preston
  • The 75/75A make a combined hourly service as does the 75A and 80 between Great Eccleston and Preston, albeit via different intermediate routes. 
  • The 80 is revised in Preston to serve Maudland Bank
  • Five buses are required (74 x1, 75/A x 3, 80 x1) compared to 4 on the present contract.
Catch 22 Bus service 23 will be re-routed via Tennyson Avenue and Marsh Road to replace the 74/75 - it will also run direct via Fleetwood Road from Castle Gardens to Four Lane Ends rather than via Bispham Road and Norcross Lane.