Friday, 14 July 2017

Rear View Bus in Blackpool

Volvo Citybus G91PES, new to Tayside in 1989 has been modified as a mobile theatre and is seen here on Queen Street, Blackpool on 14 July (Paul Turner)

This week has seen an innovative theatre production featuring a heavily modified 1989 Volvo Citybus. The show is based at the Grundy Art Gallery and is split between a performance in the nearby library and a 30-40 minute trip on the bus which included Springfield Road, the Promenade behind the Metropole, the Prom to Gynn Square, Dickson Road and Bank Street. At various points an actor narrated poetry to the passengers through headphones. The Citybus has been completely rebuilt at behind the cab with theatre style seating facing backwards - which gives an unusual perspective for both the passengers and other road users when on the road! 

The performance is touring a number of cities - see here for details
The 'interior' has been modified with banks of seating, theatre style, offering unusual views of the town (Paul Turner)

A rear view of the Rear View bus (Paul Turner)