Sunday, 6 August 2017

RVPT Lytham Hall Line Up Bank Holiday Monday 28th August

Ribble Olympian 2101 leaving Lytham Hall last year (Paul Turner)
The Ribble Vehicle Preservation Trust fourth Lytham Hall Running Day is on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August. An impressive 13 buses will provide a 10 minute frequency bus service between Lytham Hall, Lytham Promenade, Fairhaven Lake and St. Annes Square.

Buses start at 0935 from St. Annes Square run every 10 minutes until 1635, with buses from Lytham Hall between 1000 and 1600. Access to the Hall is by bus or on foot only - there is no public parking at the Hall, but there is parking nearby close to the Hall entrance gates, where the service bus will pick you up.

13 double deckers have been lined up for the bus service, mostly with local connections and including two open toppers. Ranging from RVPT's 1939 Leyland Titan TD5 to Stagecoach's 1999 special events 'White Lady' Trident open topper the line up includes some marking special birthdays, with Fylde 71 40 years old this year, 501 50 years old, A267 60 years old, 2234 marking its preservation debut in its 21st year and the Trident has celebrated its 18th birthday. 

Bus Service Line Up:

  • Ribble 2057 (RN8622) Leyland Titan TD5/ Alexander of 1939
  • Ribble 1775 (RCK920) Leyland Titan PD3/ Metro Cammell  of 1962
  • Ribble 1995 (OCK995K) Bristol VR/ECW Open Topper  of 1972
  • Ribble 1397 (NRN397P) Leyland Atlantean/Park Royal  of 1976 
  • Ribble 1481 (TRN481V) Leyland Atlantean/ECW of 1980
  • Ribble 2101 (GFR101W) Leyland Olympian/ECW  or 1981
  • Stagecoach Ribble 2234 (P234VCK) Volvo Olympian/Northern Counties  of 1996
  • Stagecoach Cumbria 17012 (S812BWC) Dennis Trident/Alexander open topper  of 1999 in "White Lady" livery
  • John Fishwick and Son's 5 (528CTF) Leyland Titan PD2/Weymann  of 1958
  • Blackpool Corporation 501 (HFR501E) Leyland Titan PD3/Metro Cammell  of 1967
  • Blackpool Transport 362 (A362HHG) Leyland Atlantean/East Lancs  of 1983
  • Fylde Transport 71 (OJI4371) Leyland Atlantean/Northern Counties  of 1977
  • Liverpool A267 (VKB900) AEC Regent/Metro Cammell  of 1957

all vehicles subject to availability

Buses will layover at the Hall between duties alongside a handful of other buses led by prewar Leylands Lytham Lion 24; Ribble Lion 1161 and Ribble Cheetah 1568. 
part of last year's Lytham Hall line up (Paul Turner)