Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Rail Replacement Update

Blackpool Transport Enviro 400s 442 and 444 stand in the layover bay at Preston Station prior to 444 working the 2115 to Blackpool North (Paul Turner)
Monday 29th January saw the start of phase 2 of the Blackpool Rail Replacement project with the reopening of the Blackpool South Line. Early and late trips remain bus operated with a 2250 from Preston to Blackpool South (Mon to Sat) and buses from Blackpool South at 0438, 0538, 2328 (Mon to Sat) and 0848 (Sundays).

The Blackpool North direct and all stops services continue but with the evening services reduced to every 30 minutes from around 1900. Blackpool Transport continues to provide 18 buses and has picked up some working including at least one working on the peak direct Poulton to Preston runs (0800) and also the 2328 from Blackpool South.