Monday, 27 May 2019

Summer Services

Blackpool Transport are starting their summer timetables on 23 June. 

The most surprising change is the extension of the 7 to Clifton Hospital! This presumably addresses feedback from the breaking of the link across St. Anne's in November. It does mean that with the 17 there are six buses per hour now from St. Anne's south. It may well have been more logical to reinstate the route to Lytham at the expense of the 17. The 7 turns via St Paul's Avenue, Promenade and King Edward Avenue.

The 2C diversion via Wyre Health Centre in Knott End is discontinued, but a Sunday daytime service to Knott End is started.

The 1 becomes every 20 minutes on Monday to Friday, 7 every 15 and 14 every ten minutes. Minor changes to the 6 and 11 are included, while the 18 is retimed.