Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Disposals and a repaint

For the first time this year a Blackpool Trident has been repainted in black and yellow with 315 treated in July after removal of its Pleasure Beach advert. 

DAFs 365, 367 and Solos 243, 286 and 289 have been sold to a new operator in the South of England, 365/7 left yesterday.

The last of the first batch of Tridents 305-9 were withdrawn in July and Auguat. 305 last ran on 24th July, 306 1st Aug, 307 2nd Aug, 308 8th Aug and 309 26th July. This leaves 20 Tridents in use (310-7, 319, 322-32). 

A larger update is planned for the weekend, spare time permitting catching up on various things over the last few weeks.