Saturday, 19 September 2020

Blackpool Transport Service Changes

With students returning to school and college, like most operators, Blackpool Transport has increased its service levels, closer to 'normal' ones. Several services have duplication, often in the form of dedicated buses for school children only as these can run without capacity restrictions. These have an 'X' prefix. 

As a result four of the stored Citaros (550-552 and 555) have returned to use. Short Enviros have now begun to appear on services 74/75, though longer ones still appear regularly.

1  - every 30 minutes daily, hourly evenings. During illuminations on some days evening service runs Fleetwood to North Station only

2 - every 30 minutes, hourly Eves/Suns. X2 school extra 0755 Blackpool to Baines return 1500

2C every 30 minutes, hourly Eves/Suns. Additional duplicate bus at 0725 from Blackpool and 1510 from Knott End

3 increased to every 20 mins M-F, 30 Sats, 60 Eves/Suns. Existing school trips now X3 at 740 Mereside to Blackpool continuing as X5 to St Marys and 745 Mereside to B&F College Bispham. Return trips run at 1508 College to Blackpool and 1534 Queens St to Mereside.

4 increased to every 20 mins M-F, 30 Sats, 60 Eves/Suns. 

5 increased to every 15 mins M-F, 20 Sats, 30 Eves/Suns. Existing school extras become X5 810 Blackpool - St Marys (through bus from X3 from Mereside) and 1520 return (through to Mereside)

6 every 20 mins M-S, 30 E/Su. Existing school trip 730 Mereside-Aspire Academy and 1504 return becomes X6

7 every 20 mins M-F, 30 Sats, 60 E/Su. X7 school trip 726 Halfway House to Town Centre with 1547 return - these are linked to the X9 to serve Montgomery Academy

9 every 15 mins M-F, 20 Sats, 30 Suns. X9 trips 755 Town Centre to Bispham Village, returns 1520 linked to X7.

11 every 20 M-S, 30 E/Su. X11 trips 735 Blackpool-Saltcotes Road and 1520 Lytham St. Annes High to Blackpool

12 now runs as X12 as a dedicated school bus

14 every 15 M-F, 20 Sats, 30 Suns. Extra trips from Fleetwood 729, 830, 940,1030, 1345, 1500, 1545, 1630 and from Blackpool 730, 840, 930, 1400, 1445, 1530, 1600. Also X14 trips at 1430 Blackpool Sixth to Town Centre and Aspire Academy to Town Centre

17 every 30 M-F, 60 Evenings, Sats and Suns. X17 trips at 725 Blackpool to Saltcotes Road, 1520 Lytham Square to Saltcotes then 1530 to Blackpool

18 and 20 are unchanged, except that the 20 doesn't serve the Zoo main entrance Monday to Friday any more, but still does at weekends. Not previously noted is that this runs via the newer section of Whinney Heys Road between Zoo and Hospital previously used by the 15/16 circulars.