Sunday, 26 April 2009

Atlanteans Reach the End of the Road

Blackpool's love affair with the Atlantean is nearing the end. The sole active survivor 364 remains in use on school services - the bus in green and cream eight years after the last was so painted. At the start of 2009 four sisters remained in store and three have now left the fleet.
352 was cannibalised and sent for scrap in early April. This was withdrawn back in July 2006.

360 is nearly ready to go for scrap with its engine, gearbox, windows and seat cushions salvaged. This has been in store since February 2007. Finally 358 - withdrawn last July - has passed to the Lancastrian Transport Trust for spares. 363 remains in store at Marton.

Very few ex Blackpool Atlanteans remain in use with 327/9 recently withdrawn by Howell's of Deri and 324 also withdrawn by KJB South Hykeham. 354/7/61 remain in use with Scotbus, Inverness, however.

334 and 362 are preserved with LTT and 353 with the Chesterfield 123 Group.