Thursday, 30 April 2009

Tram Shelter Restored

The Lytham St. Annes tram shelter at Fairhaven Hotel has been restored to former glory by Fylde Borough Council and Lytham Civic Society. Built in 1923 by Heap and Son's it served the tramway until the section from St. Annes to Lytham closed in 1936. It was then served by the replacement buses (route 11A and others) until the mid 1990s when it was finally closed. Situated in the middle of a road junction it was latterly not in the most convenient location. Since its closure road layout changes have improved its setting, but sadly it seems active use is unlikely. The restoration work is to a high standard and includes the traditional green and cream paintwork - strangely favoured by Lytham St. Annes which had blue trams and buses!

On 29 April the Civic Society had a launch event featuring LTT's Blackpool PD3 529 which ran on the joint tram replacement routes.