Sunday, 26 July 2009

More MetroRiders meet their maker

MetroRiders 516 and 596 left Blackpool on 24 July for Wigley's of Barnsley for scrap. 516 is the first of the 1998 batch to be sold - this having last operated in summer 2008 after less than a year in use on Line 15. After several months in store, it was officially replaced by 513 in December. 596 was new in May 1996 and was withdrawn in May 2008. New in the original mainly black Handybus livery it only received one repaint - in October 2004 when it became the first minibus to gain the black/yellow Pool Metro livery.

This takes the total number of scrapped MetroRiders to five with 11 others still in store. More disposals are expected in the next few weeks.