Friday, 31 July 2009

September Service change

BTS has announced some service changes that will reduce its fleet requirement from 7 September:

Line 2 will be withdrawn between Poulton and Cleveleys due to the expiry of the
contract with Lancashire County Council. This should save two buses. The Wesham journeys will also be re-routed via Clifton Drive and Bond Street rather than the Promenade.

Line 3 will be withdrawn between Cleveleys and Thornton, saving one bus.

Line 15 will terminate at Staining, rather than Tesco and will be diverted via Talbot Road and Grange Road (as per Line 5) between the Town Centre and Hospital. It will also serve Faraday Way.

Line 16 will terminate at Cleveleys again due to LCC contract changes. It will also now serve Lytham Road between Royal Oak and Highfield Road rather than Bond St, Clifton Drive and Harrowside. This should save two buses.

This represents a significant retrenchment in Wyre, services 2, 3 and 16 in particular part replacing services deregistered by Stagecoach. It is understood a revised replacement service has been produced by Lancashire County Council.

The changes should save 5 buses - one Solo from Line 3, two from Line 16 and two Metroriders from Line 2. Assuming the Solos are cascaded onto Line 2should make some inroads into the seven light green Metroriders (503, 506, 508-512)