Monday, 16 August 2010

The end is nigh for St John's Square

Bus access to the remodelled St Johns's Square has been controversial due to the conflict between vehicles and pedestrians in the 'shared space'. Heavy winds seems to have solved the problem here though - to the detriment of the water feature.
Phase one of the withdrawal of bus services from St John's Square has taken place with effect from Monday 16 August. Abingdon Street has now been closed in the southbound direction diversions put in place. Lines 2/2C and 11 run from Corporation St via Talbot Road,  Dickson Road, Springfield Road, Larkhill Street, Grosvenor Street and as normal.

Lines 3 and 4 run from Pleasant Street onto the Promenade at the Claremont Hotel - serving the southbound Line 1 stop at North Pier then via Talbot Road and as the above route. Line 16 runs from North Station via Larkhill Street and Grosvenor Street.

Phase 2 will take effect at the end of the month and see Clifton Street reinstated for bus services - but reversed to run eastbound with buses then using Abingdon St to reach Talbot Road. It is not yet known which services will use Clifton Street- presumably some or all of the routes above. Also at this time Church Street in front of the Winter Gardens (aka St John's Square) will close and northbound buses will be diverted via Topping Street - using the southern section for the first time with new bus stops at the Church St end. They will run via Deansgate, Cookson St, Talbot Road and pick up their current routes to their termini.