Sunday, 15 August 2010

Round Up

Optare Solo 288 has returned to use as the third Solo in the new bus livery and was seen on Line 3 on 14 August. 288-290 and Excel 211 are the four vehicles in use. Second hand Tridents 340-342 and the ex Anglian Volvos have yet to make an appearance. Numbers 520-524 have been allocated to the Anglian Volvos, with the two already here numbered 522/3 (AU06BPF/K). A batch of dealer stock Plaxton Centro bodied Volvos is also understood to be under preparation.

Optare Metrorider 515 has now joined sisters 506/11/17/93 at Jacksons Coaches in Marton. Prior to withdrawal it receieved the new BT logo and lost its roof branding. Its blind suggest its last journey was on the Department of Work and Pensions shuttle service from St. Annes to Peel Park which is now normally the domain of sister 518. This, incidentally, put in an appearance on Line 3 on 10 August. 114 is confirmed as leaving for scrap on 5 August.