Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Amazing Technicolor Bus Route

It has been a colourful week on Line 7 with red, dark blue and light blue Solos joining the normal green ones and the odd new livery one. The set would be completed by a Line 4 and an old pool liveried bus - both have been noted but not regularly as they are short wheelbase examples which cannot cope with peak loads.
Solo 240 in the former Line 2 green livery represents the most common fayre on Line 7

Line 5 Solos 253 and 251 pass in Lytham Square

Line 3 Solos have made the odd appearance - this is 260 using the reinstated Church St/Promenade junction
Solo 293 is one of four in the new fleet livery

Only two Line 16 livery Solos remain in use - 291/2 - this is the latter.