Thursday, 2 September 2010

Centros and Eclipses

Plaxton Centro bodied Volvo 531 leads 532 down Rigby Road ready for their formal launch on Friday 3rd Sept
Monday 6 September seems to be set as the debut of the new Volvo single deckers with the nine Plaxton Centros due to be launched on Friday and enter service on Monday.

Registrations are:
525 BF60UVJ
526 BF60UVK
527 BF60UVL
528 BF60UVM
529 BF60UVN
530 BF60UVO
531 BF60UVP
532 BF60UVR
533 BF60UVS

Of the older Volvos, 522/3 AU06BPF/K remain the only two in Blackpool. Anglian have painted 520 AU06BOV and 524 AU06BPO while 521 AU06BPE was still in service there on 27 August but is now under repaint.

The third of the second hand Tridents, 340, has now entered service.