Friday, 29 October 2010

Deltas and Olympians bow out

Pioneer Delta 101 has now finally been withdrawn in its 20th year.
Olympian 403 is one of two of the ten ex Trent Olympians acquired in winter 96/97 to be withdrawn. Amongst its last duties was this rare appearance on Line 14 on 18 October (Michel Crisp)
The recent debut of the ex Anglian Bus Wright bodied Volvos has allowed the withdrawal of Deltas 101 and 102 - both were in use on 28 October  but are now understood to be withdrawn along with ex Trent Olympians 401 and 403. On their last day 101 saw use on Line 11 while - remarkably - 102 put in a turn on Solo route 4 (Cleveleys Park to Mereside)!

Delta 123 remains in use for now as a reserve vehicle as Volvos 521 and 523 have yet to enter service. 101 and 102 join sister buses 118, 119, 122, 125-127, 132 and 133 in store.

Volvo 524 heads for the Airport at Starr Gate