Saturday, 2 October 2010

Line 18

Solo 272 heads up Ballam Road to reach Lytham Square on new Line 18
Line 18 has settled into operation using two Solos during the day. Route 18 is an uncommon number in Blackpool's history - it was allocated to a seasonal North Shore service in the late 1930s - its only other full time incarnation was between 1948 and 1964 for a Town Centre to Midgeand Road service via Grasmere Rd, Ansdell Rd, Daggers Hall Lane and Vicarage Lane. In 1956 this became the Corporation's first one man operated bus service.   

336 displays its motorbike safety rear advert
Ex Blackburn Trident 336 continues to operate regularly on Line 1 which is understood to be due to its motorbike safety advert. Its sisters normally appear on Line 14 - though at least one has been seen on the 11. 333 is currently in the paint shop, sister 335 awaiting a return to use in the new livery.