Friday, 26 November 2010

News Round Up

November has been a fairly unremarkable month bus fleet wise. A few unusual workings have included the use of Tridents 333 and 340 and Delta 123 on Line 17. Meanwhile Line 18 has a minor diversion in Ansdell - now running from Smithy Lane via Church Road to Worsley Road instead of South Hey - presumably due to difficulties using the previously unserved section of Worsley Road. The route's sponsor - Lancashire County Council - is hoping to reinstate the service along South Hey in the future.

All five of the ex Anglian Bus Volvo single deckers are now in service with 521 having joined its sisters. First dates of operation of 521 and 523 are not known.

Leyland Olympian 407 was noted in use on Line 14 on Monday 22 November - these venerable machines continue to make sporadic appearances on all day services.