Tuesday, 16 November 2010

On Diversion - Bethesda Square

The southern leg of the Promenade Route - Line 1A circumnavigates most of Blackpool Town Centre. Most curiously its destination is shown as "Burlington Road West" - a nod to Blackpool's tradition of euphemistic destinations. When Line 20 used this terminus during the summer, the moderately more recognisable "Pleasure Beach" was shown.
The lengthy Promenade closure related diversions see northbound buses on Lines 5, 7, 14 and 17 and southbound buses on the 1A, 10, 11 and Stagecoach 68 buses use Bethesda Square and Kay Street to reach the Promenade. A similar diversion was in place last year.

Southbound buses use this leg of the triangle, northbound buses (like 291) normally approach from the right of the camera.
Vehicle allocations to services continues to be fairly flexible. Plaxton Centros are normally found on the 1 and 1A and quite regularly on the 11 but have now also been seen on the 14 and 17. Wright bodied Volvos also normally operate on the 1, 1A and 11 but have also seen service on the 17 523 has now appeared in service, operating on Line 11 on 10th November. Conversely the occasional Excel has been seen on the 1A. 

Line 5 - which has been religiously Solos since 2004 has seen more variety of late. Excel sightings have become a regular occurrence recently 219 on 1 November, 218 on 8 November. Excels were the allocated buses for the service prior to the arrival of the branded Solos in 2004. Much less common is the appearance of Trident 307 on a 5 today.