Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Tridents

On Monday Tridents 326 and 329 worked the 1A, the latter seen here at Manchester Square
The established pattern of Sunday services on Bank Holidays can cause capacity problems. Generally loadings tend to be higher, though previous experiments with Saturday services did not prove viable given the need to compensate staff for working Bank Holidays and the past ability of the tramway to occupy surplus staff.
This year saw increased double deck operation with Tridents used on the 1 and 1A over the weekend - as they have on other recent weekends - and more unusually on the 7 on Sunday and Monday. With 40 Tridents, all 34 Sunday big bus duties could be covered by Tridents - though Olympians did work on route 20. Routes 2-5, 15-17 occupy 20 Solos on Sundays.

Trident 316 leaves Madison Avenue for Blackpool on the 1 on Easter Monday.
In a correction to a previous post, 813 has moved to Padarnbus, Llanberis rather than Alpine.