Wednesday, 20 April 2011

News and Views

Friday sees the resumption of route 20, this year running from Corporation Street to Marton Mere only. Three buses are required with Olympians expected to be the norm. The service will run daily until 8 May, then the weekend of 14th/15th and daily from Saturday 21st May to Sunday 6 November.

Yesterday saw a rare - possibly so far unique - working on an Excel on the 15, with 211 out into the evening.

Open top Olympian 813 has now departed Blackpool and is believed to be with Pardan Bus in Llanberis, North Wales.

Trident 342 turns from Lytham Road onto Station Road due to the closure of Skew Bridge
Just two Tridents retain the attractive Line 11 colour scheme following the repaints of 324-332. 322 awaits departure for Grange Park on Clifton Street.

The 2 and 2C was partially converted back to Solo operation in January - 5 Solos are required with two single deckers covering the busier journeys. Line 3 liveried 296 heads along Church Street to the Corporation Street terminus.