Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Tridents Start; Olympian Finishes and Excel returns

Trident 351 on its second day in service (3 May). Not previously noted is the lack of advertising frames on the side of these buses
Yesterday, May 1st saw 349 (E16BTS) enter service followed by 350/1 (E17/8BTS) today (May 2nd). 352/3 (E19/20BTS) are also now licensed. Refurbished Excel 226  returned to use yesterday after its refurbishment having returned from Cummins in January. Sister 223 has yet to return to use while 225 is currently away as the final one to be treated.

The influx of second hand Tridents has now seen off 408 joins several sisters in store. Trident 312 is losing its temporary hybrid livery with a wrap for the Tower. 

Manx Trident Status
NoRegIOM NoIOM RegChassis NoBody NoStatus
343H1FBT53EMN53Y2106734305To Service 30 Dec 2011
344E11BTS50EMN50Y2105534303To Service 24 Mar 2012
345E12BTS48EMN50Y2104534301To Service 9 Mar 2012
346E13BTS51EMN51Y2106634304To Service 8 Mar 2012
347E14BTS52EMN52Y2106834306To Service 21 Apr 2012
348E15BTS49EMN49Y2104634302To Service 21 Apr 2012
349E16BTS71MAN93F3130336802To Service 1 May 2012
350E17BTS75GMN324F3130836805To Service 2 May 2012
351E18BTS74FMN540E3130736804To Service 2 May 2012 
352E19BTS73FMN158E3130436803awaiting service
353E20BTS72FMN158E3129936801awaiting service