Sunday, 18 August 2013

Pontin's Then and Now

For the nimble, the sand dunes on Clifton Drive North have provided a grandstand view of the Pontin's Holiday Camp - or generally the buses passing in front. The camp closed in October 2009 and has been partially demolished with the remainder now derelict. Here Classic Bus Metrobus 69 heads towards Cleveleys on Seafront 12.

Blackpool Transport DAF 359 passes the stripped remains of the camp chalets on route 11

New to Reading Excel demonstrates the cosmopolitan make up of the Blackpool fleet with second hand vehicles from seven sources.

Trident 318 is one of three Tridents still to receive its first repaint, retaining its original Metro livery from 2003.
Happier Times, in August 1987 Routemaster 525 heads past on route 12 with the displays showing the former scale of the Pontin's empire. 525 is now back in London with Tower Transit who recently took over the First London operations.