Sunday, 25 August 2013

Red or Black?

Classic Bus North West Routemaster RM1568 awaits departure time from the Sands Venue stop on Seafront 12 to St. Annes. 1568 ran with London Transport from 1963 ending up with MTL London Northern on privatisation. Withdrawn in 1997 it passed into non psv use but was bought back by Transport for London for refurbishment by Marshall of Cambridge. From 2001-2005 it ran with Soverign Bus and after withdrawal spent a brief period in Oxford before passing via a non psv firm to Classic Bus in 2008

At the same location, Blackpool Transport Excel 221 loads for Lytham on route 11. 221 was one of three Excels purchased from Go North East in 2004
Bank Hey Street and Classic Bus Dart 162, branded for "Catch 22" loads for Meresied
Blackpool Transport 309 also heads to Mereside on route 14
CBNW 269 passes Blackpool's first boarding house - which opened as "Crewe's Original Boarding House" in 1886, starting a trend by providing meals for guests - previously overnight guests at hotels were expected to source their own food.

A generation newer in design, but just two years newer in build, Blackpool Excel 215 heads onto the Promenade on New Bonny Street.