Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Blackpool Disposals and Repaints

Parton's ERF wagon tows Olympian 379 on its farewell trip on Blackpool Promenade (Jono Niblock)
This week has seen Parton's of Barnsley visit Blackpool to collected stored buses for scrap. On Monday, 211 was the first of the Optare Excels to be disposed of, while Olympian 379 became the first of its type to go today (Tuesday). Excel 213 departed on Wednesday morning (11th)

The new Citaros are expected in late March and are likely to replace the six remaining non DDA complaint Excels 214, 217, 218-220 and 222. What else will depart is not yet known - though the Olympians may have a stay of execution until 2016.

Trident 341 has been repainted following 286 and 340 in January. 287 is now currently being treated.

updated 11/2/15