Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Routemasters stand in while Darts arrive

Catch 22 Bus operated Routemasters RML887 and former Blackpool 521 (RM1583) on service 22 regularly during the last week or so, as its fleet is stretched following the departure of leased vehicles. The recently acquired ex Cardiff Darts have now been joined by two from East Yorkshire Motor Services (latterly with their Whittle's fleet) as W466/8UAG and two from Diamond Bus, Kidderminster (V657/8HEC) which started life in Blackburn. 468 has entered service in Whittle's green and white, while 657 is expected to run in Diamond's blue livery - the other two are currently under repaint.

Catch 22 Bus Fleet List February 2015
69F69SYEMCW MetrobusMCWPleasure Beach advertChina Motor Bus ML81 11/88
139W139EONVolvo B7TLAlexanderRed/GreyLondon United 3/00
143T143AUADennis DartAlexanderNew Catch 22Armchair, Hounslow 5/99
147T147DAXDennis DartPlaxtonOrange/GreenCardiff Bus 8/99
186X186CTGDennis DartPlaxtonCardiff Cardiff Bus 9/00
326F326UJNMCW MetrobusMCWPleasure Beach advertChina Motor Bus ML77 10/88
356R356LERDennis DartAlexanderNew Catch 22Stagecoach new 10/97
466W466UAGDennis DartPlaxtonNew Catch 22East Yorkshire 4/00
468W468UAGDennis DartPlaxtonRed/GreyEast Yorkshire 4/00
617X617JCSDennis DartAlexanderNew Catch 22Stagecoach 2/01
657V657HECDennis DartPlaxtonBlueBlackburn 1/00
658V658HECDennis DartPlaxtonBlueBlackburn 1/00
898R898XVMVolvo B10MAlexanderRedStagecoach Manchester
RM1583583CLTAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalRedLondon Transport 
RML887202UXJAEC RoutemasterPark RoyalRedLondon Transport