Sunday, 31 May 2015

An Excellent Farewell

Excel 221 waits time on service 2 at Poulton on its last day in service (PT)

Yesterday was the last day of Excel operation in Blackpool with all nine survivors in service on the 2, 2C and 17. 218,220-224 ran on the 2/2C and 216, 219 and 225 on the 17. 218 was the final departure on the 1918 2 from Poulton arriving in depot just after 2000.  This ended almost 19 years of Excel operation, although 225 manage to usurp 218's honour arriving in depot after its sister, albeit on tow having failed on service 17.

This morning has seen the first three Citaros enter service. 557 started on the 0645 5 from Halfway House to Victoria Hospital and has been joined by 558 and 559.