Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Catch 22 Seasonal Services Start

Catch 22 Bus has started its seasonal services introducing route 12 on Monday and 21 on Tuesday. Route 12 operates Monday to Saturday from Pleasure Beach-Cleveleys using four buses on a 20 minute frequency. On Sundays it terminates at Cabin using 3 buses. On Monday Darts 316 and 319 plus Metrobus 69 were in use, while on Tuesday Dart 617 joined Monday's trio.

Route 21 started on Tuesday and operates from Tower (outside Sands) to Zoo via Hornby Road, Stanley Park and Model Village. One bus is used daily except Mondays and Fridays on a 40 minute frequency. The first morning journey starts at Cabin. Routemaster RML887 was used on day one and promotional material suggests a heritage bus will be used.