Saturday, 27 February 2016

Service Change Update

As part of their budget review Lancashire County Council allowed £2mn for 'parish buses' to replace tendered services. A lack of interest from Parishes in funding transport and much lobbying has prompted a rethink and the £2mn is now to be used to retain some of the at risk services. Notably a decision taken after operators had made some commercial arrangements for the better links. Details are not clear yet - and are subject to approval - but it is believed services 74 and 89 may be reprieved. This would address loss of service in Pheasants Wood and Little Thornton (74) and Over Wyre (89). 

Coastal Coaches
Route 78's extension to Poulton is confirmed as following route 76 via Elswick and Great Eccleston. Some journeys will extend to Sixth Form College

New service 77 is routed from St. Annes Square via St Davids Road, Heeley Road, Spring Gardens, Queensway, Hawes Side Lane, Highfield Road, Cherry Tree Road, Clifton Road, Tesco, Langdale Road, Kentmere Drive, Preston New Road, Oxford Square, Park Road, Condor Grove, Whitegate Drive, Newton Drive to Victoria Hospital.